Hi, I’m Ari!

Before this gets awkward, it’s pronounced airy (you know, like the air!)

I’m an LA based filmmaker. I write, direct, produce, act, and wear any hat I can get my hands on.

Speaking of many hats, I’m also the host of the top ranking film podcast What’s Your Secret? On it, I speak to film industry professionals about their secrets to succeeding in the film industry, mastering happiness, and finding joy on the journey.

Finally, I’m a TikTok creator known for my one-woman show and encouraging viewers to always tip their barista.

When I’m not dreaming up my next project, I can be found scouring LA for the perfect latte or attempting to coax my cat into wearing the pajamas I bought him for my birthday.

Want to connect? Email me at arigjohnson@gmail.com.

Ari G Johnson