Ep 1: Forget What You “Should” Be Doing with Actor Cara Mitsuko

Today we sit down with my dear friend, actor Cara Mitsuko. Cara is an actor based out of Los Angeles and you may have seen her in You, The Rookie, Westworld, or Man in the High Castle. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a guest star on a television show, then you’ll love this episode. Key takeaway: forget what you “should” be doing.

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  • The pressure to appear “interesting” and “desirable”
  • Finding freedom in exploration
  • What it’s like to guest star on a TV show
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Forget what you “should” be doing
  • Following your gut

What It’s Like to Guest Star on a TV Show

Sometimes it’s easy for me to fall into the trap of believing that once I book a gig on a TV show, all of my problems will be solved and I will automatically feel fulfilled. Something that I don’t think is talked about much is the fact that guest starring on a TV show can be super intimidating! The cast already knows each other, you are the newcomer, and you feel like all eyes are on you. It was so interesting chatting with Cara about her experience with imposter syndrome, belonging, and guest starring on some incredible TV shows.

Forget What You “Should” be Doing

One of the things I really resonated with from this episode was the concept of forgetting what you “should” be doing. As an actor, I often find myself focusing on what I feel like I should be doing, rather than what feels good. I’m constantly searching for the “right” move. Cara has also experienced this, and is taking some time during quarantine to step back and consider what she wants to be working on. It sounds so simple, right? But I’m sure many actors can relate to the immense pressure we put on ourselves to create things that others will deem valuable.

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