Looking for gift ideas for your YouTuber friend or the TikTok star in your life? You’ve come to the right place! Most of these are super practical gifts – they’re gifts that you can be sure they’ll actually use. My favorite!

Gifts Under $25

SD Card

A memory card might seem like a boring gift, but at least you know it will be used! Bonus is you can never really have too many memory cards. This SanDisk 128GB SD card is a good one!

SD Card Holder

If, however, they do seem to have too many loose SD cards, an SD Case makes a great gift! They can store their cards and keep them safe when they’re on the go.

Filmmaking Book

If they’re interested in branching out into filmmaking, Save the Cat is essential reading. This was one of the first film books I ever read, and I still refer back to it!

Bluetooth Remote

A Bluetooth Remote is a gamechanger when vlogging or making video content. Trust me, once you use one, they’ll wonder how they ever did without.

Big Magic

Big Magic is a must read for anyone creative. Buy one as a gift and for yourself – it’s that good.

Gifts Under $50

Ring Light and Tripod

We all know the person who precariously props up their phone on a stack of books to film their TikToks. This Ring Light and Tripod will make it so much easier for them to film – plus their videos will look better!

Lightning to SD Reader

A Lightning to SD Reader will allow them to easily transfer their photos/videos directly from their camera to their phone. It’s so much faster than trying to airdrop them or transfer the files to their computer first!

Sunlight Alarm Clock

This Sunlight Alarm Clock changed my life, so now I get one for everyone! Makes a great gift for anyone techy – or really anyone who hates being scared awake every morning by the sound of their alarm.

Five Minute Journal

A Five Minute Journal is another great one for anyone on your list. Great for anyone busy (🙋‍♀️) and who always talks about wanting to journal more!

Gifts Under $100

External Hard Drive

Anyone creating video content needs a solid external hard drive to store all their footage.

This LaCie External Hard Drive is a super practical gift, and you really can’t have too many.

Gifts Over $200

Canon M50 Vlogger Camera

The Canon M50 is an awesome camera whether they’re a beginner or if they have a little more experience. It takes beautiful photos and video, and the flip out screen makes it perfect for vlogging or filming TikToks.

Sigma 16 mm Lens

You can drastically improve the quality of your image with a good lens. For the Canon M50 (and other EF-M cameras), I love the Sigma 16 mm. It’s a super popular lens for YouTubers and TikTokers, and gives the beautiful blurry background that so many people want.

Do be careful when buying a lens for someone else. Make sure it’s compatible with their camera and is a focal length they’ll use / want – or at the very least get a gift receipt 😉.

Rode VideoMic Pro

Good sound is crucial for any video. Microphones can be expensive, so they make a great gift! The Rode Video Mic Pro is a high quality mic they’ll love.

Hope this post gave you some good gift ideas for YouTubers, TikTokers, and Video Creators!

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Gift Ideas for YouTubers, TikTokers, and Video Creators

Looking for gift ideas for your YouTuber friend or the TikTok star in your life? You've come to the right place! Most of these are super practical gifts - they're gifts that you can be sure they'll actually use. My favorite! Gifts Under $25 SD Card A memory card might...

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