Give Yourself Permission with Writer & Director Jennifer Cho Suhr

If you’re interested in working in indie film, then you’ll love this episode! Today we are chatting with Jennifer Cho Suhr. Jen is a writer and director, and she is currently in development for her first feature.

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We chat about:

  • The process of getting a feature off of the ground
  • Embracing the term female filmmaker
  • Learning from your old work and building internal confidence
  • Give yourself permission to create and make bad work
  • Generosity in the industry
  • And more!

Give yourself permission to make bad work

One of my favorite things that we chat about in this episode is the fact that everyone has to make bad work. We often hear the phrase, “everyone starts somewhere.” But when I think of that phrase, I’m usually not thinking “everyone creates shitty work sometimes.” But it’s true! We all have to go through that in order to make great work, and if we hold ourselves back from creating bad work, then we’re never going to get better.

For me, one of the biggest thing that has held me back is the fear of creating bad work. What if people judge it? What if everyone remembers my failure forever, and never give me another chance? What if I can’t survive the torment of failure? Jen has a healthy approach to this mindset. We discuss using your past work as a way to learn and build internal confidence. And, as Jen says, people in the entertainment are quick to forget. If you make something awful, don’t worry about it! Chances are, no one is going to remember.

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Tribeca: Through Her Lens

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