Do you ever feel like everyone knows some secret to life that you don’t? Me too. Welcome to What’s Your Secret. I’m Ari Johnson, and on this podcast you’ll feel like you’re sitting down with a friend to discuss the secrets to a happy, successful, and creative life. We’re talking to some badass creatives including actors, directors, and film folks to talk about what works for them and how they got where they are.

This intro episode is intended to help you get to know me a little bit and give some context to how this podcast came to be. I’m Ari (that’s airy like the air!) and I’m an actor, writer, and director based in Los Angeles. I’m on a mission to figure out how to find happiness and success while pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, and plot twist- I don’t know the secret! Luckily, that’s where our wise, creative, and delightful guests come in. 

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Ari Johnson Podcast Host

Hi there! I’m your host, Ari Johson (that’s airy like the air!) I’m so happy you’re here. Plot twist – I’m here because I don’t know the secret. So I started chatting with badass creatives including actors, directors, and film folks, to figure out how they did it – what their magic sauce to fulfillment is, and well, it got pretty interesting. So I thought I’d share it with you.

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