Today we’re chatting with AJ Joyce. AJ is the host of She’s So Reel, a podcast that shares real stories and expertise from female creators, artists, and many more in the industry. Definitely go check out her show!!

Connect with AJ:

IG: Ajsoreel

We chat about:

  • Making your own seat at the table
  • Defining expertise
  • Becoming an expert by doing
  • Taking ownership of the things you want
  • Being intentional about gratitude
  • Believing your dreams are possible
  • And more!

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 Michael Paraskevas


Ari Johnson Podcast Host

Hi there! I’m your host, Ari Johson (that’s airy like the air!) I’m so happy you’re here. Plot twist – I’m here because I don’t know the secret. So I started chatting with badass creatives including actors, directors, and film folks, to figure out how they did it – what their magic sauce to fulfillment is, and well, it got pretty interesting. So I thought I’d share it with you.

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