Ep 5: Separating Happiness from Success with Actor & Filmmaker Jordan Maranto

Actors and filmmakers, you’ll love this episode! Jordan is an actor and filmmaker based in LA. She’s a proud UT alum and a former employee of the wonderful Blue Cow Restaurant. She has a very healthy perspective on acting with a day job and separating happiness from success.

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  • Getting caught in the comparison bubble
  • Separating happiness from success
  • Taking class for fun
  • Being an actor is expensive!
  • Finding your niche in acting 
  • No shame in a day job

Acting with a Day Job

As an actor, I’ve often felt a lot of shame when it comes to having a day job. It’s like there’s this idea in Hollywood that if you aren’t paying all of your bills from acting, then you’re automatically a failure and probably not as dedicated to the craft as you could be. Which is a terrible way to feel! But I think Jordan has a really healthy perspective when it comes to working a day job. She’s not waiting to be happy until she no longer needs a day job, instead she’s finding it right now.

Jordan also speaks about finding a way to live your life with the knowledge that you might never become a “professional” actor. You might always need to have a day job, and that’s okay. Very few actors can make their living solely from acting, and it doesn’t make you a failure if you need to pay the bills with a day job.


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